Thursday, 16 August 2012

Shop update and photos from a lovely client :)

So you may have noticed the shop is temporarily closed.  It is under maintenance as I am hard at work behind the scenes and trying to figure out improvements in the shop.  For instance, I've decided to offer ready-to-frame art prints versus a printable art file.

I've always wanted to offer ready-to-frame art prints.  I love the idea of sending a little piece of me out into the world to its new home where it will bring smiles and happy thoughts.  I'm excitedly brainstorming ways to make the process of purchasing from my shop more personal.

I'd like to create an experience. I feel that I can connect more to my customers through a product they can see and feel versus a digital art file that they would open in their email.

I am presently researching my options and just enjoying studio time, creating, and making ideas come to life.  Although not all ideas are a success, the process is always enjoyable and valuable.

By the way, I'd liked to share some photos from a friend who recently purchased a printable from the shop.  She said it would be perfect for little Daniel Ryan's welcoming party, themed "Noah's Ark".

It's so exciting to see my little creation in a new home.  I am overjoyed that I get to create art for the little ones...Welcome to the world Daniel Ryan!!! :)

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