Sunday, 7 July 2013

Collab with Katchacanvas and thoughts on giving

A friend of mine from elementary school contacted me a few weeks ago and I designed a ballerina bear for her. She just opened her Etsy store, Katchacanvas (check her out!).  She sells really cool tote bags (and necklaces) and I'm flattered to see my design on one of her totes.  

Isabelle loves it too!

And it gets better! For every tote purchased, a book is donated to an elementary school in the Philippines.  I absolutely love the idea and I'm thrilled that a library is being built for the little kiddos.  There is just something so beautiful about reaching out to a child and helping them enrich their world through reading.  

And there is also something to be admired about making a difference in the world.  I've learned you don't have to to do something BIG, to make a BIG difference.  Truth is, it is probably the little things that make a BIG difference.  The small acts of kindness done with great love have the power to transform.  It could start by transforming just one person's world. Then it kind of has this infectious quality that just spreads and before you know it, the world is a different place.

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